homes building

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homes building - Its citizens must have houses to live Update home provides more space for living and population increases taxable income.
The troops only consume food resources, not the population of the city. Note added: When you build, consume foods as well.

Board game: Build houses and increase their income inactive gold and taxes.

Train troops requires not only resources but also of the inactive population. Once you have queued troops inactive population will decrease until the queue is finished. The inactive population to the tail of the troops will again be available to the queue for more!

NOTE: Do not go overboard on housing construction, 6 to 8 people maximum is ideal. You'll want to save room for fittings to grow your army faster.

More search does not mean they have a greater capacity for the troops. More Houses simply means that you can support your resource buildings in the countryside, the train lines of the troops at a time, and receive more tax revenue gold.

Board game: If the inactive population is reduced to zero when you are trying to train the troops, temporarily set your tax rate low. This will immediately increase the population is inactive. Tail of the training of troops, then the rate of income tax arrears for the best. (See theater.) Training will continue without any problems.

You can have several houses and garrisons, but no buildings in the city, so once you've built every one of the buildings, the question is how to divide the rest between home and fittings. The number of side lines controls the amount of training may have, thereby reducing the number of different queues that you want to juggle. One recommendation is to build six houses and fill the rest of the city with fittings to minimize training time and maximize the energy growth.
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how to get Completion Grant in dragons of atlantis

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how to get Completion Grant in dragons of atlantis - when you want to upgrade your buiding in your city into level 10 you not only need a odds such as gold, food, wood, ore/metal and stone, you also need 1 completion grant.

you can get completion grant in a daily fortune or you can buy in item shop for 40 ruby.. it a dificult to get this item in daily fortune, it maybe like 1000:1 so i suggest if you have enough ruby, you have to buy this one.
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what is wilderness in dragons of atlantis

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wilderness or Moors are regions on the map that can be won and may be hills, mountains, lakes, forests, plains or wetlands (swamps but can not be attacked and now have no other role to fill in the blanks on the map.) conquest of these regions to enhance the production of relevant resources. How the regional level (level 1 will give you 5% and level 10 will give 50% more resources, each level gives you a 5% increase: for example, the level LVL 3 x 5 x 5 is 15% wild ). The level of the region determines the force with the region is the conquest and, therefore, how many troops will need. Before attempting to conquer the region, you can explore to get an idea of ​​what kind of troops will need. In the desert regions of the levels of 5 to 10 peaks can be found. They are not random, falling at a rate of 15%. 100 Wild affected is likely to get 15 that are random. The higher ability of your horse attacker and loyalty more likely to find a ridge.

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dragons of atlantis summary

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dragons of atlantis is a game that created by kabam, in this game users to create and control their own city. Housing construction, science centers, theaters, and the officers' quarters. Build farms and mines to collect funds to maintain his kingdom prosperous. Create a powerful army. Raise and train your own dragon to destroy the enemy during the war.

Conquer other cities. Joining forces in alliances. Chat with your friends. The trade of valuable resources such as gold ore acceleration shop special. Become a hero and prove to the gods that your tribe is truly worthy of the Dragons of Atlantis.

Resources - Food (Guest), Stone (Cantera), wood (sawmill) and mineral (mining).

In the building - Metalsmith, Muster Point, officials room, Rookery Sciences Center, Garrison, Sentinel, Theatre, storage vault and Casas.

Military units - Porter, spy recruits, Halberdsman, Minotaur, Longbowmen, Swift Dragon Strike, Dragon Battle, armored, and the Mirror of Fire.

dragons of atlantis summaries

  • Build a mighty empire in ancient and mystical land
  • Raising a great and powerful dragon to defend your city
  • Conquering adversity with an army of dragons, minotaurs, giants and more
  • Harnessing the wisdom of a lost civilization to increase capacity
  • Join a vibrant community of dedicated partnerships, epic battles and severe conflicts
  • Joining an alliance will give your city a better protection
  • Making use of brilliant Hearts and Shields Dragon to improve its military
  • Levitation research will accelerate construction time by 10%
  • Increase productivity through the acquisition of wilderness
  • Increased resources to defeat the fields Anthropus

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